Spring Closet Cleaning: Out With The Old & In With The New!

7 Pain-Free Tips to Achieve Your Perfect Closet This Spring!

Before you roll your eyes in “don’t-remind-me” frustration, take a look at how simple & painless I am making this must-do-task for you! Seven questions, that is all you need ask yourself, as you clear your way through the salt caked snow boats & sheath dresses not worn in five years.


The very first thing to do: CLEAR EVERYTHING OUT! It is a big undertaking, but it is also fun. Who knows what kinds of treasures you may find that slipped through the cracks or how many “I didn’t think I bought that!” moments you may be rewarded with.




After you have pulled all the goodies out from each crevice, divide into piles of accessories, tops, bottoms, dresses, lingerie, winter weather wear & shoes. Once you have accumulated your little mountain scene, TAKE A DEEP BREATH & begin accessing each item individually by asking the following 7 questions:



The hardest question may be: “If this is damaged in any way, will I actually make the effort to get this repaired?” I struggle with this all the time. In fact I have a separate closet space in my fabric closet devoted to rescued vintage pieces that “just need a new zipper”, friends clothing that was given to me because “All it needs it the hole fixed & maybe take it in at a seam, but I can’t do that, so I figured I’d give it too you!” On and on and on…do not be like me! If you have had an item hanging or stored for longer then 6 months that is a “It just needs..” piece: GET RID OF IT! Do yourself a solid, toss it and make room for a brand new item that is perfect just the way it is.


After each item has been sifted through, put all the ones so far gone not even the dog wants to cuddle in it, into a garbage bag & put that garbage bag INTO THE TRASH!┬áNext, take all the items you no longer love or fit into or whatever other reason you may have for purging, into another garbage bag (or bags–no judging!) & take that to your local Good Will for donation.


Store heavy weight & clearly winter items in another location from your main closet, if you are able or in decorative bins with lids on a shelf, tucked away under hanging clothes or in flat bins, under your bed.


What is left are all jems that you will wear & enjoy, as well as a freshly cleaned out, organized & beautiful space that just craves filling up! Create a list of items you want to add for a Spring face lift & hang that in a check list form on the inside of your closet: snap shot that in your phone so that each time you go shopping you have the list of dream items as well as newly discovered needed items. Check off as you go until you have reached your ultimate wardrobe goal for this season.


For ideas on storage & display DIY’s stay tuned to the Steel Pony blog this month & be sure to search through older blog posts. Remember that this is your chance to reinvent not only your closet space, but to purge all the energies you are no longer satisfied with from this winter & enter into a new season with a fresh breath, fresh space & renewed Self.


Please share your before & after shots with us in the comment section below!




**top image provided by theeverygirl.com blog**

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  1. Elizabeth Lux

    I agree (although I don’t practice what I preach)….with one major addition… #8 = Is it from Steel Pony? If so, keep and if necessary for some reason, get it fixed and wear it!

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