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Steel Pony

Jessie James Black Leather bag

Jessie James Black Leather bag

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Look no further for the perfect oversized bag to meeting all your needs.

Jessie James' black leather bag is ready to become your companion for the day and nights. This stylish and practical bag features handmade high grain buffalo leather with black and white python detailing. To top off it's sleek look, oil tan leather and Ostrich accents add a fun contrast to the exterior. And don't worry about running out of straps - this puppy has a 36" strap, perfect for comfortably carrying around on your shoulder. Whether you’re travelling, commuting or simply heading out for a good time; this unisex and ultra-functional bag has got you covered! Get ready with Jessie James’ Black Leather Bag in tow, because nothing says 'fun' like this masterpiece.

  • size 10 X 14 X 3 with a 36 end to end strap
  • high grain buffalo
  • Accents of python
  • key finder
  • had sewn and laced
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