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Jetson Modal Skirt


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Dark Blue
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You wake up early, make a fresh cup of pour-over coffee, and sit quietly for a moment, thinking about everything that today needs from you.

You’ve got meetings at work, and a date at 7...
What is your next move? The Jetson is perfect for that.

Roll back that closet door and grab your Jetson Skirt from the rack. Pair it with a Steel Pony Victoria Tank and the Raleigh Jacket.

The Jetson skirt becomes a strapless dress in a cinch, and with your jacket over-top, you’ve got an instant litmus test for your romantic

partner tonight - does your date offer to take your jacket for you? Only time will tell, but you’ll look radiant either way.

When you rock our gear, you are supporting planet Earth, sustainable fashion, and fair labor practices for artisans right here in the USA. Steel Pony is chic AND eco-friendly, so you can feel fabulous about wearing it, both inside and out.

* Hand dyed and one of a kind
* Sustainable, eco-friendly Modal fabric
* Machine Wash, cold delicate
* Hang to dry

Jet Skirt measures about 33" in the small. It falls longer on the sides.

You are supporting

  • artisans
  • Fair Labor 
  • The Planet
  • Made in America

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Customer Reviews

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Alison Cipriani
Absolutely Perfect

Fabric, stitching, fit all perfect. I had bought a pair of Steel Pony pants at a local boutique that I love so much I wanted more from the same designer. The skirt is a great addition to my wardrobe.