I aspire to help women embrace their Inner Goddess, sparking change in their lives

Boost your positive vibrational levels and bring out you best self. All you need is to put it on to feel the power.

Find your power with our high energy handmade products.

Fitting sizes 6-22 since 1992

  • Threads4Healing

    High Energy Products Designed to Uplift, Heal, and Renew

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  • Sleeves in a Bag

    The perfect Accessory you never knew you needed.

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  • Steel Pony

    Our Classic Steel Pony Looks. Clothing that nurtures your Body and Soul.

  • Journey Bags

    Handmade Handbags with a talisman to uplift and bring good energy.

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  • Energy Infused Products

  • Sewn Locally

  • Made sustainably from quality fabrics

  • Machine Wash Hang to dry.

  • Every week we will have a new Meditation. Just hit the button below and enjoy.

Our Fabrics are made from Planet Friendly Materials in the USA

We have a mission to plant a tree with every order. Why Trees?

Because they are our best chance for a Sustainable future