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10 Things About Cartier Watch Women You May Not Have Known

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The Cartier watches has a brand value that has touched the estimated $ 10.1 billion and still boasts sales of around $ 6.1 billion with about 286 worldwide locations. The Cartier sunrise Ruby is today one of the most available materials in watchmaking company.


Some time ago, the Cartier House of Manhattan was reopened to the public. This occasion was marked with a very lavish soirée that was featured worldwide. The building was restored to its old 1904 state with all its complete paintings and photos of Cartier icons in every building room. The reopening of the building brought many things to light about the Cartier womens watches.


Here are the ten surprising facts about the Cartier watches for women connected to the iconic brand's legacy for a very long time.

The Cartier swapped a string of pearls for $100 in Cartier woman watches 

The luxurious line of Cartier watches women has got a beautiful original string of pearls. That enhances the beauty of the watch on any women's wrist.

The Trutii Frutti watch style for women

The Tutii Frutti watch is one of the rarest and the most eye-catching Cartier watches that you can ever find; the design was made in 1929. It features a dazzling selection of different types of emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds.

Vintage watches 

These watches are primarily associated with a rectangular model often assumed to be a Cartier Tank collection.

Cartier Secret Watch 

When it comes down to jewelry watches, then the Cartier watches women would love. Cartier has a huge collection of exclusive high jewelry watches that women can also wear, like elegant bracelets.

A classic rare collection of Cartier watches 

In today's day and time, some rare classic designs of Cartier watches have hit the auction market. The authentic Cartier Submariner is a delight in today's women fashion.  

Crash watches 

It is also like any other legendary watch surrounded and shrouded in mystery. To date, the inspiration of the design is a big question in the Cartier watches women collection.

Tank watches 

Cartier has a rare collection of tank watches for women, and it is unique and tough to find watches in today's time. For women, the body of these watches was made on platinum with different elegant stones.


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