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Steel Pony has been creating Sustainable Artisan Products since 1992. We use eco-friendly materials and sew locally. Our garments are hand garment dyed and detailed in our Philadelphia Studio and Storefront.



Joanne Litz and Dennis Wolk are the husband-and-wife couple behind Steel Pony. Joanne is the main Designer behind the clothing collection, while Dennis, executes Specialty dying processes and handbag design. Their roots have always been in fashion; Litz as a successful Design Director and Wolk as a display manager for storefronts that included Bloomingdale’s, Strawbridge’s, and more. After years of seeing first-hand how fashion products deteriorated the environment, the duo teamed up to launch Steel Pony in 1992, using only eco-friendly processes, fabrics, and dyes. In spring 2015, they opened their first store in the heart of the Fabric District in Philadelphia.


"When I purchase a new Steel Pony piece, I know that it will look great with other pieces that I have purchased over the years. The colors and styles seem to play well together. My mother taught me to average the cost of the piece over how many times I would wear it. In the case of Steel Pony, I always get my money's worth."

"Thank you for designing such amazing clothes. You've really made a difference in my life. I feel really beautiful when I wear your clothes."

Grayson Lee, Rochester, NY