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13 Things About Toddler Jewelry You May Not Have Known

Toddler jewelry pieces are just not adorable but they are memories-in-the-making. Small pieces of jewelry can create a love bond between the giver and the toddler. 

However, most of us struggle while shopping for toddlers. First-time parents, bachelors gifting their boss’s newborn and many more such wrestling newbies can be seen waddling within jewelry shops. Some have trouble even discriminating toddler boy jewelry pieces from toddler girl jewelry pieces. 


Knowledge is the key to developing a proper understanding towards everything. So, do you know everything about toddler jewelry? If you don’t, we suggest you read the list below. Refer it, whenever you need help until you have become an expert yourself.


Facts about toddler jewelry you need to know


Here are some facts you need to keep in mind when shopping jewelry for a toddler.


  1. Jewelry made of laces and strings can strangulate your toddler.
  2. Beads can choke them.
  3. Jewelry made of lead can poison your child slowly.
  4. Magnetic parts in jewelry when swallowed can rip off your toddler’s stomach.
  5. Hallmark/ Bismarck tells you the metal content in a jewelry piece. It’s interesting to note that there are several different hallmarks. Find the mark before buying the pieces.
  6. Real pieces of jewelry would either have a bezel or prongs for holding the stones. If they are glued, surely, the pieces are fake. 
  7. Next weigh them well, if it's gold or silver they would weigh more than the normal brass or other junk pieces.
  8. You must enquire if your jeweller has a proper buyback term. The same should be mentioned on the bill and signed accordingly. 
  9. Stones on gold look stunning but did you know when buying such jewelry, you will have to pay the price of gold for the weight of the stones. However, when selling it back, you will not be paid for the stones.
  10. Do not give your jewelry for cleaning to jewellers always. As you will lose some amount of gold and silver in the process of chemical cleaning. Try cleaning them at home instead.
  11. Check for the four C’s (cut, colour, clarity and carat). If you are planning to gift your baby diamonds, remember to check the four C’s. Always remember original diamonds are not flawless and are priced higher than their artificial counterparts.
  12. Gemstones make wonderful baby girl jewelry but are you aware almost all of them have lab-made varieties in the market.

- For example, 95% of turquoise in the market is lab-made.

- Ruby resembles rubellite and red topaz. Many other red stones can be similar to rubies so watch before you buy.

  1. Did you know, a very tight ring on the ring finger of the child could cause blood clots in the arm?

So, double-check the sizes of jewelry before gifting them.


To wrap it up, if you are confident about these 13 things, we are sure you would definitely be more confident and shopping toddler jewelry would be fun.

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