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3 Reasons to shop Hand Made

Well here we are again.  Time to decide where we will shop for the holidays.  This year of course is unlike any other year.  More then ever, shopping online is going to be key for all of us.  I also think that now more then ever, we need to focus on Handmade and local artisans.  Here is why.

  1. You are supporting your local community.  Money spent this way circulates back around.
  2. Handmade creations are inherently healthier for the environment.  They use far less energy to produce their products and usually use more eco-friendly materials.
  3. The people you gift with handmade appreciate owning a one of a kind item and you look more thoughtful in gifting that. 

There are plenty of other reasons but just these 3 should give you the encouragement to buy Hand Made.

leather handbag

Photo thanks to Kdmorris Photography

Journey Bags By Dennis Wolk

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Tye Dye Socks

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