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3 Ways to style The Jet Skirt

The Jet skirt is made a modal and you know what, I'm going to grab one . It is on a hanger, you know, and it's just a really, really drapey, great asymmetrical skirt. I think, a lot of you may have one of these it's one of my favorite pieces. But you know, it's so versatile. You can wear it in so many different ways. So. As I said, I have three different outfits here.

I'm going to start over here with this outfit and I'll be moving them closer because I'm not sure that you can see them all. So in this outfit, I have it as wearing it as a skirt. And I have. In the Roxy jacket. And that's a great suit, you know, just a great, beautiful suit. You can put, I used a scarf for the belt, but you could do anything there.


Roxie Jacket/Jest Skirt/Silk Scarf

You could actually, if you didn't want to belt it, you could just put a pin. And then you've got another way to wear it. so that it's, it's not tight around the waist, if you don't like your waist to be tight, but also this, jacket, if you wanted to wear a tank with it you can also tie this in the front so that it, you wear, a tank underneath of it and it's another way to wear it. And it gives you a little bit more. So, that's one way to wear it. So to me, this is, wear to work, right.

And I just put this bag with it because I think this bag works really well. with that particular outfit, I just think it's really pretty together. I don't remember what it's called, but it is on the website. I hope if you want to go for it that's the journey bags. And, I put this with the peace necklace, which is on the website as well.

That is the first outfit. Second outfit.


Jet Skirt BLK Collection/ Silk Scarf/Sleeves in a bag

I took the jet skirt in the, in the solid black, because I do have that solid black collection, the BLK collection I have it on her as a dress. And what I did was I took a silk scarf and I tied around the chest. And then you have a whole nother look. It's like this really beautiful, pretty dress very dressey. I put on the sleeves in a bag, with it,This is the special Valentine's additions sleeves in a bag, and it has hearts on the back and hearts on the sleeve. So wear your heart on your sleeve for this Valentine's day.

And then what I had is I have the chunky necklace with it. So I think that's like a nice little cocktail set


Taylor Tunic Top/Jet Skirt

We get the weekend wear outfit. So I have her more of a dress type body, but I put thetunic on top and also you could see a little bit of the color from underneath.

It gives a nice two-tone look about it. So it's just a great for the weekend and, you know, going out with the gals. So, this is the Taylor tunic and I have, a little, Sun necklace that what goes with it? I think I have, I believe that's on the website as well,

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