3 Ways to wear the Roxie Jacket

3 Ways to wear the Roxie Jacket

 Our clothing is very versatile and  can go for different seasons and different occasions.  I am always being asked to show different ways of wearing things so I am starting with one of our Best Selling pieces The Roxie Jacket.  In this video you will see how you can wear it for Work, Evening and play.    The transcript is below if you would rather read.


So every week I'm going to, show you an outfit and how to put it together. because a lot of you have asked me to do that. And I would like to be better at doing that for you.

So what I decided to do was I took my three ladies. I've got the 3 dress forms, I decided the Roxy jacket would be the first thing. because I didn't actually show it to you on the, line, but the Roxy Jacket one of my favorite pieces that I've made over the years.

So what I did was I put, three outfits together and , I'm going to show you how they work with this particular jacket, , and how you can have three totally different looks with the one jacket. So the first look. I'm calling go to office.

If you work and you need the look. This is a great outfit for that, it's like a three piece suit. I have it merchandised with the tank, the Victoria tank and the jet skirt, which is, another great piece, which I will be definitely doing for you a thing on that, because there's so many ways you can wear this jet skirt and I have it here just kind of casually, drapey. I, put nice little shoes with it and, the clutch bag, because for the, office, it's nice to have something small that you can, carry with you. This is a relatively new bag that Dennis did. , it's called the Blaze and it's got, a waist pack, but also , that can come out and it becomes  a clutch.

I also have it with a really pretty necklace. You could also bring a pop of color with the scarf and that really just changes the whole look of it. , there's many ways to wear this jacket. I'm going to show you different ways to wear it. But this is be more, you're more conservative go to work.

So then you gotta go out to dinner, right. because you got that date.  So I took the Catherine dress and I bring in the Roxy for that and throw the Roxy on top of that. You know, the Catherine is a really cute, flirty dress. It has a nice like, shape to it. So it gives you that. Dressier feeling then the outfit that I showed you before, and here I merchandised it with some great shoes that are not too high, but good at dancing, if you would like to dance. And Dennis's Bag is black on black

That's a great bag to go back to this for the evening. And, I've given her some really this really funky jewelry, which is called the peace necklace .  In case you want to, throw on something with all of that. You know, if you're going, coming from the office and you have that other outfit on, you can just throw on a necklace like this and  you can take the jacket and you can belt it. So it looks great belted.

And then you have a whole different look belted. If you don't like to have like that  look on the outside, you know, you can also tell me from you guys are seeing this, right. So you could belt it on the inside.

And it gives you that shape that you might want, but you know, like visually it's not necessarily, you know, then it still gives you that freedom on the size. I think you guys know what I'm talking about. Right? I think the inside is, makes it a nice, you know, it gives you that shape.

I put this with it mainly because, you know, I couldn't get it on, cause this is a really small one, but you can take a bigger tube and you can also wear that. As the waist, if you wanted something like that, because that's really, it's really comfortable.

It's like not wearing anything, and then you're good to go for the evening

And last but not least, we like to be comfortable on the weekends. So we don't always have to, wear Steel Pony head to toe Right? So I've got. Her wearing the Sam mesh top underneath is still the Victoria tank. because this is a sheer top and just gives you that little niceness about it.

This is where I'm probably going to show you  other ways to wear this jacket, but, You know, it's just a great piece to throw on around town with your jeans. It looks great with the jeans, right. , I have it here. She's wearing it with the waist pack.

I just took a headband and just threw that on her . You know, just give you a little comfortable coverage in the neck line if you want. I'm going to take the waist pack off so I can show you a few different ways you can wear this jacket that look great with jeans, but also we'll go back really nicely with the other two outfits.

Sorry, just have to talk about the buckle. Okay. I love this buckle. It's really cool.  it's like a military goal and it just  clamps on, if you guys can see that. It's really cool, okay. So. Great way to wear this jacket, if you don't want to. I almost, I almost want to put it back on the, on thee Catherine  because it, looks really good with the Catherine.

You take it, you just tie it in the front and you got this great jacket that ties in the front, and you can position it any way you want.

If you don't want to have left anything on your stomach area and you have a great pin, which I meant to bring, I would just take it and pin it wherever you want. And then you've got another way to wear it. Some of us, and I don't think I'm one of them, but some of us that are thin enough can wrap it and tie it int the back.  This is for those of you that I know could wear it this way. So that's another way to wear this jacket.  Then actually it becomes almost like a dress, but it's like, it almost looks like a blazer to me with the way I have it. I'm tied right now. And you know, you could pin it or you could, you could tie it.

You can do all kinds of things with it. You could take this and you can, you can tie it up

and then you have a whole other look with that. So, there probably are infinite numbers of ways I could show you, but those are like five or six ways that, that makes the jacket like a really great. Versatile piece that you could have casual dressy and go to work. So there you have it. thank you guys very much.

The outfits

For Work

Roxie Jacket
Victoria Tank
Jet Skirt
Blaze Bag
Silk Scarf


For an Evening out

Roxie Jacket

Catherine Dress

Peace Necklace

Black Bag









The Weekend

Roxie Jacket

Victoria Tank

Sam Mesh Top

Tyler Fanny Pack


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