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5 Easy steps to make your wardrobe more sustainable

As we enter Spring, the season for new beginnings, it’s a great time for sustainable fashionistas to reassess what’s in their closet and figure out ways to help reduce their wardrobe’s footprint. Sustainability made easy with these 5 simple hacks.

1. Wash your clothes less
You can significantly reduce your impact on the environment by washing your clothes less. Instead of washing your clothes after every wear, wear them three to five times.

2. Organize your wardrobe .  By organizing your wardrobe, you're more likely to buy less as you see exactly what you have at hand.

3. Avoid fabrics that use microfibers Buy natural fibers. Microfibres often end up polluting the oceans and are difficult to get rid of once they set in.

4. Check the quality before buying Always aim for longevity - get pieces that are timeless and durable.

5. Alter the pieces instead of throwing them in the bin A piece that is torn or doesn't suit you as it did in the past can be fixed or altered. Instead of throwing an old shirt away, you can rebirth it into something you love!

Would you be interested in learning how to do that?  Comment what item you would like to restyle and maybe I will do a tutorial for you.

There are plenty of ways to make your clothing more sustainable, from cutting down on fast fashion to beginning the slow process of switching to a more eco-friendly fiber. Whatever you do, remember that this is a lifestyle change rather than a one-time solution. Find what works for you and stick with it. You may not realize it now, but soon you’ll have a wardrobe that’s not only stylish and fashionable, but also sustainable.

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HOW TRUE!!! I never thought of washing less frequently, but it is a good idea. The thought of how to make what I already own more wearable is great. I so admire you and your shop and how positive you are!

Mary Ann Leigh

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