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5 Inspired pieces to feed your Free Spirit

The magic that occurs when you give a person enough comfort combined with artsy boho edgy clothing.  The Free Spirit has a   Boho, Hippy , Edgy Style. If this sounds like you, you are in the right place.  I put together some items that have inspired me as I created them for you.
The Nova Jacket.

Nova boho Jacket This 100% lightweight cotton Nova Jacket expresses your personality effortlessly through the changing seasons.


 Show off who you are, while making a statement about what you believe in. By sporting this Nova Jacket you’re making a statement that says “I believe in me. I believe in humanity. I believe in protecting Earth now, and long after I’m gone.” Shop the Nova Jacket

Lilliana Dress

boho dress    This dress is the dress to live in for all seasons.  I can't wait to layer it over leggings and boots in the winter.  A very dramatic Dress, Made of Cotton heavy weight Jersey with Cotton Mesh Sleeves giving coverage but also the hint of sheer. It features a crotchet panel at one side of the waist which you could order cut out and then you would layer under it or we can leave it plain so it is just decorative. 
An edgy boho stye that you would pull out

  of your closet when you want something comfortable yet edgy.  Shop the Lilliana Dress.

Taylor Tunic

Modal Tunic

 Who says the only kind of clothing that is boho are those Flowy, floral dresses with lots of eyelet and lace.

The Taylor is made of the softest, most comfortable fabric in the market.  Ok, I know I am partial but I do think so.  Not only is this comfortable but the flow of the style works perfectly with those flowy boho  skirts you probably already have in your closet.  If you don"t then pay attention to the next style. This is a wear to the office piece that is both boho and in the flow.  Shop the Taylor

The Jet Skirt

Boho outfit    Flowy skirts are the main focus of many Boho looks.  This skirt is that in our comfortable Modal fabric.  Not only that you can wear it as a dress with capris.  Mix it with a Shibori silk scarf to wear around your head or on the skirt and you are ready for the party but you can also wear it to the office with a conservative top or the Taylor.

Shop the Jet Skirt 




Sleeves in a Bag

Modal topper  In my opinion

, these sleeves are the most important piece in your arsenal.  They are easy to travel with and the perfect accessory.  I carry mine in my handbag at all times.  It is great when I am wearing sleeveless and I walk into one of those ridiculously cold places. I just whip them out for arm coverage but it also is great if you need another layer under for warmth without bulk. Shop Sleeves

Do you have a favorite that feeds your Free Spirit?  Share it with us.

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