5 Quick Tips to Look Put Together

5 Quick Tips to Look Put Together

Photo by  Bill Kendzierski

With our busy lives we have a tendency to rush around in the morning and throwing something on without taking the time for ourselves.  As a result we may find that we spend the day pulling at our clothes because they are uncomfortable or realizing that we are wearing things that don't look good together. 

I used to change quite a few times before deciding on what to wear.  This is the year to change that.  I know for me, the following changes I have made are already helping me.

  •   Create a morning routine.  Have morning coffee or go to the gym.  Find something you can do with the time you have to be able to just take a breath and think about the day.
  •  Take time for a short Meditation.  Even if it is for 5 minutes a day.  It will help center you for the day
  • Set out your outfit the night before.  One less thing to have to think about in the morning and at night there is time to contemplate wnat might work well together.  You may even have time to try it on to make sure it looks great.
  • Dress for comfort.  This is one of the most important things to do.  If you are spending the day pulling at your clothing, you are not going to feel particularily stylish.  Yes you can look put together and Comfortable.  Our Modal Collection is a perfect example of that.  
  • Lastly, take our style quiz and get to know your style or Take our new style questionaire and let us send you suggestions customized for you.
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