5 Spring Trends.  You got this!

5 Spring Trends. You got this!

A new season deserves a closet refresh.  Here at Steel Pony, we do not believe in trends.  Building your closet, so you can at any time, reach back to a piece you purchased 10 years ago and mix it with something you will purchase this year is our goal.  It is always nice to get something new.

We do however, love to look at the trends and incorporate how you can put together things you already have to get that “trendy” look.

TREND #1. Down to Earth

Earth tones seem to be a trend that comes out every spring.  As much as we like color, neutrals in your closet can come out every Spring to give you that look.  That is why I always suggest to have some in your closet.  Pull out the Baked Clay pieces you purchased last year- you are ahead of the trend!


 TREND #2. Hippy Chicks

This is our year guys...You got this!  This trend includes all things hippy including “Tie Dye”.  Want to freshen up you closet with this look.  Our Spring Collection coming out very soon  covers this trend.  Here is a sneak peek.

Tie dye

TREND #3. Sheer

I finally found the perfect fabric that has the right amount of sheer...is cotton...it stretches.  It sort of covers another trend as well.  Fishnet...a very dense, sophisticated fish net.  If you only add one item to your wardrobe to spruce it up, it should be the Willow Tunic Dress.  It is a great layering piece under and over other items. I will be showing you a lot of variations to give you ideas on how to wear it.  It is my new favorite piece.  Not only that but we are playing with “tie dye” variations on it that you will love.  That covers 2 trends.

TREND #4  Matchy Matchy

This is a no brainer for you.  If you have been buying Steel Pony, you know you have this on your closet.  Many of you already have a lot of this trend.  The Challenge is to find that handbag and shoe in the same color.

Matchy matchy


TREND #5 Fringe

Departing from our focus on clothing, I am focusing this trend on our Journey Bags. This fringe bag not only covers that trend but also covers the hip pack trend.  You will never find fanny packs like these.

Fringe handbag

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