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5 Things you need for Halloween

I think I am in spirit this year.  We did a window to celebrate and on Friday the 25th we are hosting a Halloween Party in the shop so come in dressed to impress in your costume best and you may win our Best Costume Prize.  You can check out our Events Page for the details.

So in the meantime let's get on to your 5 things.

1.  A Great Costume.  Now that is a no brainer.  Make one from scratch or find your local Halloween store if you are not into the actual making of the costume.   For inspiration, I love this article.


2.  Make up:  This is as important as your costume unless you have a mask. (I plan to have the mask LOL)  Like the image above though it is a big part of your costume.  I found this article to help you with that. 

DIY make up


3.  Decorations for your window.  Easy to do these days.  There are stores like AC Moore, Halloween stores and Home Depot to get a whole host of things.  This is our window.


4.  Candy to give out:  This has become such a candy holiday.  Everyone has packaged goodies.

5. Pumpkins for carving:  This can be a fun project.  If you are close enough to a pumpkin farm it would be fun to go pick your own...........Then you can make a pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin farm

Writing this, I had a thought.  Do we know what the meaning of Halloween is?  In the next Blog......


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