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5 Unique Ways to Style Star Hoop Earrings to Jazz Up Your Looks

No doubt you choose the most beautiful outfit to wear for an event, but your look will not be complete until you give it the right finishing touch using a few pretty accessories. Star hoop earrings were big in the nineties, and with the majority of the 90s trends making a comeback, they are something we desire! The versatility of these earrings has made them remain in fashion over the years and overcome the demands of changing styles and times. And there’s no one specific way of styling these earrings. Here are five exclusive ways of styling star hoop earrings to jazz up your appearance: Oversized Gold Star Hoop Earrings & Red Lips If you have already put the best outfit in place but still require that extra touch for taking it to the next level, go for a pair of oversized gold star hoop earrings. Select the color of your hoops based on your personal preferences or clothes. However, it is always safe to go with gold because the color works with most outfits. For an added pop of color and bonus, try pairing your gold star hoops with bold red lips. Pull your hair back from the face to highlight your earrings and lips. Pair this look with ripped jeans and a simple top in the daytime. You can also don this appearance with a festive holiday outfit or evening gown. Oversized Bohemian Star Hoop Earrings for a Nomad Look This is another casual way of wearing star hoop earrings. You can choose large or small star hoops based on your style, preferences, and comfort zone. If you are uncomfortable with the oversized hoops, get a smaller pair first to get used to the feeling of hoops in your ears. Pair the oversized bohemian star hoops with other jewelry pieces like bracelets and necklaces for a complete decked-out appearance. Also, wear a beautiful headscarf to complete your nomad style. Wear Star Hoop Earrings Silver with Charms One of the trendiest styles of wearing star hoop earrings silver is by pairing them with different interchangeable charms. Doing so can take your hoop earrings from a subtle and simple style to something more outgoing. Wear Star Hoops with White Shirt or Spaghetti Dresses Any chic white shirt- cotton, satin, or silk, with a pair of jeans and star hoops in gold is a combination that will never feel or look boring. This is a timelessly classic appearance. Or you can become the Minimal Goddess by pairing your star hoops with a simple spaghetti dress and moderate makeup. Make sure your hoops complement the color of your spaghetti dress. Pair Star Hoops with Simple Tees and Blazers Willing to add a touch of glam to your usual tee and pants? Wear your star hoops in silver or gold, and you are good to go. You can also pair small star hoop earrings with blazers to look gorgeous and professional at the same time. The Bottom Line Star hoops are perfect for almost all events and styles and are one of the most beautiful and functional closet staples. You can use them for creating regular styles or exclusive event-worthy styles designed for turning heads. Regardless of the hoop look you choose, be prepared for endless compliments.
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