5 Valentines Day Gifts to You from You

5 Valentines Day Gifts to You from You

Maybe I am suggesting a radical idea.  Why is it we get sucked in to this holiday that maybe the Chocolate and Flower industry started as a way to increase their sales.  

Actually Valentines day s celebrated on February 14th because it  is the feast of St. Valentine, a Catholic saint who was executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II on that date sometime during the third century A.D. Many legends surround the reason for his death sentence.

This does not sound to me like a reason to buy your Girlfriend Chocolate and send her flowers.  Non the less, it is a "holiday"  that as women we get too caught up in.  I say let's make this one Valentines Day to us.  Here are 5 things that I have curated for you.  For every budget. 

Leather Bracelet

The Black Leather Cuff Bracelet by Monique Rancourt

Don't you deserve to buy yourself a special piece this Valentines Day?  This bracelet is the coolest design. It has a Magnetic closure and has had forged metal pieces on the leather strips. It measures about 2 1/5" wide and is worth every penny.   $550.00   BUY IT

Bath salts

Himalayan Bath Salts

Give yourself the gift of a luxurious  bath with these Bath Salts.  They say they do many things to help with circulation, hydration and relaxation.

$19.95      BUY NOW

Leather Handbag

The Sundance Python Bag by Journey Bags

When was the last time you treated yourself to a work of art that is also functional.  Today is your moment to get that bag you have always wanted.  This one is ready to take your thru your journey.

$489.00      BUY NOW

Meditation crystals

How about something to amp up your Meditation Practice.  These boxes have Meditation stones focused on what you need today.  

$16.95  BUY NOW  


Recycled Bracelets by Georgene Novak

These are great.  You can buy one (each is unique) or buy in a stack for a more elaborate effect.  Either way you make a statement.

$32.00  BUY NOW

Do you want more ideas?  For you or for your loved one.  Check out out Gift Guide HERE.


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