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5 Ways to get the most out of our products

Often, we get questions about our products.  How to wear them, how to care for them.....here are 5 things you can do to get the most bang for your buck.

1.  Buy the basic pieces that are good for layering.  The Cameron tunic is my favorite go to.  In the winter it gets layered under sweaters and tunics, in the summer it can be layered or worn alone.  Other favorites are the SP Essentials Collection.

2. Buy pieces that compliment each other in a color story.  This will help you have lots of variations of the layering that our styles are meant for.

3. Take proper care of them.  Wash them separate the first time in case any excess dye comes off.  We wash things a number of times but some of the colors are a bit stubborn .  Use a mesh bag and the gentle cycle.

4.  Hang them properly making sure they are not stretching out in  the wrong direction. Make sure you have good hangers to hang them on.  If you have cotton sweaters, they should be folded neatly...they will grow on a hanger.

5. The most important thing is to have fun and be creative in creating your looks.  Steel Pony is meant to be lighthearted.  You should feel good wearing them.

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Away in Fl hiding from Virus but
Coming home this week
Will visit in a while loved all your send outs but love to pick out in person
Have great masks too thank you for that
Want a Goldie t did u get my ipost ??
Do not know how to send

Jeanette jimenez

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