6 Outfits Perfect for the Holidays.

6 Outfits Perfect for the Holidays.

Wow,  I don't know about you but is the world moving at lightning speed?  It seems like yesterday I was just pulling out my summer beach outfits.

November is here already and before you know it the holidays will arrive so now is a great  time to organize your outfits for the season

I have put together a Collection of 6 outfits that can get you thru the season.

Outfit #1

Wear this to Thanksgiving  Dinner, for Christmas morning (lose the lace pant) or your office party.  SHOP THE OUTFIT

Outfit #2

Perfect for the dressier holiday party or NYE dinner.  SHOP THE OUTFIT

Outfit #3

Enjoy the holidays with color.  This outfit brightens up any dinner or party you might be invited to. SHOP THE OUTFIT

Outfit #4

Perfect for a party where there will be dancing.  This dress will swing with you but even if there is no dancing you will feel pretty in this lace infused outfit.  We can't forget the accessories here that finish it off.  All available to shop from here.  SHOP THE OUTFIT

Outfit #5

This is the WOW outfit.  Dress to impress this season and make your entrance as dramatic as this set.  Increase the dramatic effect with this Journey Bag and jewelry accessories.  SHOP THE OUTFIT

Outfit #6

Casual, dressy and sexy, this outfit fits all of that and more.  I will be wearing this for Thanksgiving.  It is comfortable, makes me feel pretty and I know it will turn heads..  SHOP THE OUTFIT

You are so busy, hopefully this will help you check this one thing off your list.  As always I would love your feedback. 



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