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6 Reasons to give the gift of Handmade

Photo by Shane Albuquerque on Unsplash

1. Uniqueness

Buying handmade makes for a more unique gift.  Unlike mass produced, you will be giving something one of a kind.  Something that the recipient does not already have.  In fact, no one else in the world will have it.  Wouldn’T that make you feel special?


2. Support your Local Economy

When you buy a local handmade item you are helping an artist directly and helping the local economy.   It allows the artist in turn to support the economy.


3. Stands the test of time

Back in the day, things were made to last.  Remember that?  Well, now it is the handmade market that keeps that idea alive.

4.  Buy Handmade directly from the maker

Nothing better then to buy directly from the maker if you can.  Not only do you get a great item, but the one of a kind experience is always special.  You will learn something that you never would have if you went to Macy’s.

5.  It shows you care!

You could go and buy a friend a commercially made necklace, chances are someone else you know will also have it.  It might be pretty but not special.  Show her you spent time thinking about her.  Buying something unique makes her feel special and you feel great.

6.  Made by Real people

When you buy handmade, you know someone took extra time.  Makers are passionate about their craft.  Each piece is made with that passion and love.  It comes thru to the recipient.

I am hoping you all have a wonderful Holiday and a perfect New Year.  Make a real difference this year.  Take the extra effort and buy Locally Handmade.

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