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6 things you can do to extend the life of your clothing

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There is so much waste out there!  Landfills are full of stuff we toss and Fast Fashion is just making the problem worse.  It might look good at the time but after that 2nd wash and the thing is all misshapen we just toss it out with out another thought.

You work hard for your money so here are some tips to help you hold onto the things you love.

  • Don't Wash it Everytime You Wear It.  We shower every day (well most of us anyway),  we are in climate controled conditions and many of us do not have jobs that we expend a lot of physical energy.  You should only wash your clothing when it really needs it. The more you wash it, the more wear and tear it gets.
  • Use Correct water temperature.  Cold water preserves the color while Hot water kills bacteria.  99% of the time you should be using Cold Water.  Not only will you save the color but you will use less energy.  So that gives you a twofer....Saving energy(and money)  and keeping your clothes looking better. Oh, hey, that is a 3fer.
  • Follow the directions.  Companies like to error on the safer side so if it says wash inside out in cold, delicate in a mesh bag there is a reason for that.
  • Store your clothing properly.  It matters what type of hangers you use.  Stay away from those wire cleaners hangers.  They are terrible for your clothing.  When you hang them up make sure to hang them properly, with the shoulders in the right place.  I know I am guilty of that too.  Sometimes we are in a hurry and just say this looks fine.  But wait, check it again.
  • No Dryer.  Not only does the dryer use a lot of energy, it wears your clothing down.  All that rubbing up against each other and itself will cause deterioration of your clothing.  So save some money and stop using the dryer.
  • Lastly but maybe most importantly, invest in quality clothing.  When you spend a little more  you not only get a better quality but because you made the investment you will treat it with more care. Quality always trumps  quantity. The funny video below illustrates this point well.

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