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6 Tips to achieve our Iconic Layered Look

The layered look is not new.  Also called Lagenlook which is the German word for layered look.  We did not invent it but we did modernize it a bit.

1.  First tip...choose the base.  A top or tank with a legging, skirt or pant.  I find that in the winter months I will go to a long leave fitted top like the Sam Mesh and a Lisa Legging.  In the warmer months it might be the Victoria tank with the Kristi Capri.

2.  Next add middle layers.  This is where I might add the Cameron Tunic and Butterfly pant.  Pieces that give dimension to the look.  The top piece should be a little longer so when you top it off it will show a little. If you have great legs and feel you prefer to show them off skip the pant.  There are no rules here.

3.  Now for the topper.  I might add the Willow tunic dress.  It is made of mesh so it adds no weight, just dimension.  I love these types of pieces because it helps to totally change the plain look of the Cameron.  Not that the Cameron is plain.😁                                                                                                                                                                                                                        4.  The last piece I add is a piece with sleeves.  It can be a jacket that worn open gives a lengthened look to the outfit or a short topper or shrug to show off the layers more.                                                                                                               

5.  Accessorize...Jewelry that speaks to you, a special scarf.  Add your touches.                                                                   

6.  The final tip?  Have fun....we have no rules.....you makes the rules 







                                Ok.  I have shown you mine.   So, layer up ladies and show me yours


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