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8 Sustainable Must-Have Items When Traveling

On April 13, 2022, over a thousand scientists staged a worldwide protest to bring attention to the worsening climate crisis. The accumulation of decades upon decades of greenhouse gases has led to extreme weather conditions and the worsening of the earth’s condition.

At this point, even the smallest step towards saving the planet counts. Everyone must  do their part to preserve the environment and save the only home we have in the universe. 

For instance, people who love to travel can contribute greatly in curbing the fast-paced deterioration of the planet. How, you ask? Read on to find out!

Sustainable Items to Bring on Your Next Travel

Big changes start from simple things.  Case in point, adapting zero trash tourism.

Here are eight sustainable items that you should bring on your upcoming trips;

  • Collapsible Water Bottles

  • Ditch the paper cups and plastic bottles. If you find water bottles too bulky to bring, try collapsible water bottles instead. This type of bottle is designed to make it easier and convenient to carry around everywhere. You can fit them even in your bag because it doesn’t take much space. Best of all, you can wash them and reuse them for your next trip. You can even bring collapsible water bottles with you at work, at the gym, or in picnics.

  • Solid Toiletries

  • People tend to carry packets of shampoos and bottles upon bottles of conditioners, lotions, and toothpastes. Depending on the duration of their trip, these containers end up being discarded in the trash. Worse, some are so inconsiderate that they simply toss used toiletry bottles into nearby bodies of water.

    Don’t be like these tourists. Instead, opt for solid toiletries that you can bring home with you and continue using on your next trip. Shampoo bars, cleansing balms, natural tooth brushing powder, and deodorant sticks are examples of eco-friendly alternatives to your usual toiletries.

  • Reusable bags

  • As eco bags became more popular, so did portable and reusable bags. Instead of contributing to the growing piles of plastic bags that take years to decompose, do the environment a favor and stock up on reusable bags. Whether these are eco bags or foldable variants that you can fit into your bag pocket, these reusable bags will surely come in handy. You can use them to store used clothes, toiletries, or even take them with you when you go shopping for souvenirs. 

  • Eco-friendly Containers for Eye Treatment

  • For those who need to bring eye drops or any other type of eye treatment with them wherever they go, there are eco-friendly containers for eye treatments that you can purchase. These containers are made of biomass plastic derived from plants and high-polymer materials. What makes biomass plastic an ideal item to carry during trips is they are practical, essential in neutralizing carbon emissions in the atmosphere, and promotes the use of renewable energy and resources.

  • Bamboo or Metal Utensils

  • Carrying reusable utensils on your trip makes a huge difference. Aside from the fact that spoons and forks made of plastic hardly help slice big chunks of food into smaller bits, reusing them for future use is not advisable. After all, plastic utensils are typically meant to be used once. In contrast, using a bamboo or metal dining set is safe to be reused multiple times. You also diminish the amount of trash you throw out after each meal. How difficult could it be to wash your utensils after use, anyway?

  • Mesh bags

  • Does your itinerary include visiting your destination’s local marketplace? If so, then bring some mesh bags with you for all the fresh produce you’ll be purchasing. Mesh bags help keep fruits and vegetables from getting spoiled. Also, they’ll make quite the colorful statement with all the healthy shades of greens, purples, yellows, oranges and reds peeking out of your mesh tote.

  • Cloth Pads and Diapers

  • Cloth pads and diapers are more comfortable and skin-friendly than the usual synthetic ones sold in supermarkets. Similar to the reusable containers and bags recommended earlier in this list, these cloth alternatives make them perfect for reusing. All you need to do is give them a good wash after use and store them in a cool and dry area to keep them sterilized and safe for reuse.

  • Support Green Brands

  • Whether you are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to protect your uneven skin tone, moisturize your skin, tint your lips with the perfect eye-catching shade, or brighten your eyes with the right mascara, eye shadow, and eye liner, nothing beats looking beautiful while doing your part to save the earth. There are several eco-friendly beauty brands worth checking out. Take the time to explore these brands and find one that suits your skincare requirements.

    Tourism is sadly among the industries who are the biggest contributors of pollution to the world. As such, while traveling and exploring the whole world is quite a majestic journey to take on, it’s best not to forget one’s responsibility to keep the surroundings clean and uphold the safety of other living beings.

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