8 Tips to look Slimmer

8 Tips to look Slimmer

Who wants to look slimmer?  Raise your hand!  After years of working with women, I can tell you that most, not all, no matter how thin they are have their hand raised.  

Without going into a rant about how the "Fashion" Industry is at fault for this, I thought making practical solutions might be better

1.  Layer Up

Adding layers does not mean adding weight.  When you layer you add definition.  Plus it also camouflages.  Flowing layers look good on everyone.

layered outfit 

2.  Shapewear

Ok, so I know I will loose some of you here.  I just wanted to put it out there.  There is actually some shapewear that is not totally uncomfortable.  Yeh...I tend to agree.  Use a Belt instead.  Now I know that option is not for everyone but a belt can define your waist to give you the illusion of shape.

3.  Do not wear Too Tight Clothing.

Your 'fitted" clothing should skim not hug.  If it is too tight every bulge . This outfit skims the body nicely and is soo comfortable.

correct fit

4. Statement Jewelry

Wear a statement necklace.  It will steer attention away from anything you feel is unflattering.

Statement Necklace


5. Prints and Patterns

Stick with vertical lines and patterns.  Not only do they help you look slimmer- you will look taller as well.  It is a twofer!

Vertical lines

7. Proportions

When you wear Big on the top then go fitted on the bottom.  Think tunic with leggings.  The other is also true.  If you want to wear the Palazzo Pant trend, that can be paired with tops like the one above-The Mighty Tank.  Make sure your clothing is not too tight.  They should stand away from the body..

palazzo pant

8. Posture

I am not sure anyone thinks about this but it really does make a difference.  You want your clothing to fall right?  Stand up straight!


Give me your thoughts?  Do you have any tips and tricks for us?   Share

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