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A Conversation with Colleen St. Michaels

I have met so many interesting people on my Journey and I love to hear their stories.  I used to do these conversations in print with my newsletter.  I have decided to continue these conversations thru my Blog posts.  I hope you will read and enjoy learning about people that I find so interesting.

Some of you may know that I have struggled with being an Empath. Going between wanting to block the things I feel and wanting to know for sure that it is true.  So, when a best friend from my youth said she always wanted to get a psychic reading, I told her I would find someone we could see.  I do know other Psychics but my intuition said I needed to meet Colleen.   Her spirit shines so bright.  I  felt it as soon as I met her.  I know you will love getting to know her.

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Colleen, What inspired you to start your business and what keeps you inspired to continue? 

I started my business in 2011 officially. I had been living in the spiritual closet for a few years, but the message from the angels was always consistent: "Open Angel Wisdom." I was filled with fear and uncertainty of putting myself out there as my ego was having a field day filling my head with doubt, but my faith was unshakeable. I felt that it never failed me and I took the leap and made my faith in the messages greater than my self-made fear. I couldn’t shake the feelings and visions of seeing and feeling my spiritual practice being born; these feeling were intoxicating. How could I deny this? I had to get out of my own way and share these messages to others from their angels. The messages and guidance brought so many changes and blessings into my life. Often when I teach, I say that I feel like I have a secret recipe to living through angels and intuition that I want everyone to feel the greatness in hearing and then applying small practices of listening to the voice within.

My desire to grow has been fueled by the love of the divine. This work has created amazing transformations in me and so many others. Healing the wounds of the past and owning the power within to co-create with life is an inherent gift. Knowledge is power and the more we share with one another, the more we grow as a whole. I don't view my work as "WORK”, I view it as a passion, and in alignment it creates a beautiful living for me and my two children.

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 .  What are you most proud of?

I am really proud of myself. I put a lot of limitations on myself as to what I could accomplish and be capable of doing as a single mom. I listened often to others and molded my world according to what they wanted from me. I just showed up to life; I wasn’t co-creating with it. I was living the stories of my limits and in this, aligning myself with smallness. When we harness the light within, we are empowered by the light and all that is available to us on this earthly walk.

What are some of the Challenges you have had?

I think it would be easier to ask what challenges haven’t I had. In my personal life, I went through a tumultuous marriage many years ago, losing a home and all of my savings. It was a lot to manage, juggling small children and starting a new business with absolutely no business experience, but this inner feeling to keep moving forward was my drive. I never felt alone because my angelic team always said, “You will be more than OK.” I am not sugarcoating anything or saying if you lean on the divine that life will miraculously unfold, it took a lot of work to partner with myself and take ownership of what I had control over. The angels always saw in me what I was missing, and the support was welcome as I felt lonely and uncertain as to what was next. Step-by-step, piece-by-piece everything shifted as I shifted my beliefs and thoughts. The life I am living now is not about my old story, but the story I write each day as to how I want life to be told. 

What do you wish you knew before you opened your business?

Nothing, I look at each roadblock as an opportunity to grow. Knowing myself, I would have been overwhelmed and dug further into my fear, had I known where this would lead. Now that I teach others how to start a spiritual-based business, I joke that I took the long road only to create the CliffsNotes for others to step into their soul path to be divine messengers.

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 How would you describe your personal style?

I love clothes and feel that my style is eclectic. I am comfortable in anything from a formal gown to oversized comfy clothes. I love things that sparkle, not like a disco ball but pretty bling! I was overweight for many years and have learned to find comfort in my body now. So for me, I dress as to what mood or feeling I am in.

   Do you have a reading list? Can you recommend a few good books? 

I loved the book Earth School 101 by Alan Arcieri. It’s a beautiful written book about the soul’s journey and why we are here. I might be partial, but I am releasing my first book this spring: “The Other Side of Addiction: The Afterlife.” As a medium, I work with thousands of families going through grief and wanting a connect with her connection from their loved ones. This book is specific to healing after the loss of someone from addiction, as this epidemic is racing through our country and the families left behind are in great pain. Death is inevitable, but little know much about the other side. I am sharing the information from the afterlife to help the healing here.

 I can't wait to read her new book.  You can find Colleen thru her website. http://colleenstmichaels.com/.  Connect with her and connect with your angels.

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