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About Your Fashion Style

What is your Fashion Style?  I know, I know…you are reading this because you are hoping I can help you figure it out.  Well, I have to tell you, you already know.  YOU are the expert on yourself.  Trust me.
If you are working with someone and when they show you something that makes your stomach hurt, you know they are not correct.  I believe we all have the intuition to know what is right, we just are not always confident enough to listen to it.
So as far as style:
Ashley topIs your style Classic?  If I were in your closet,  I might see  timeless looks, simple in style, fine quality fabrics and more neutral colors.  You probably wear a lot of Black and Navy and you tend to stay away from prints.  You are much more comfortable in your work clothing so when it comes to weekend wear you have trouble putting that together. You do not buy a lot but you are not afraid to spend for additions to your closet because you plan to have it for ever. Katie Holmes is an example of the Classic Style.
Is your style Modern?  Your closet is more eclectic then the Classic dresser. You like to wear the latest shapes, styles and labels.  You read the fashion Magazines and like to have the latest and greatest.  Since Fashion moves so fast you are always shopping for the new. Who do you know that fits in this category?
fashionistaAre you a Fashionista?  You are a trendsetter and you are confident in how you dress.  You do not follow anyone. You have your own point of view and style.  You are not tied to any one look. I think Emma Watson fits in this category. 
Igirls in denim your style Playful?  You like bright prints, fun shapes and bold colors.  You want your clothing to feel fun.  You are not dictated by tailored vs flowing, but you don’t like to be uncomfortable, so you lean toward more relaxed fabrics. This might be the Frankie character in Grace and Frankie.
beach shotIs your style Bohemian?  You like to dress like it is effortless.  You are very individual in how you put things together and you prefer freedom inspired styles.  You love easy breezy…
You are a free spirit and love the outdoors, Music festivals and beaches.  You can take a shawl and find 5 different ways to wear it.   Nicole Richie does a nice job of looking like she just threw it together pefectly.     
romanticIs your style Romantic?  You love flowing fabrics, Lace, soft color and little prints.  You will wear a fitted piece as long as it has feminine details like ruffles.  You love to feel girly and these looks make you look and feel that way.  Who else but Stevie Nicks could rock this style.  She is the ultimate In Romantic Boho look.
Most likely you are a combination of a few of these styles.  You might be classic at work but feel romantic at heart so you choose those styles on your days off.  No matter what style you are you are fabulous and should celebrate who you are.
To help give you a little direction, I have developed a quiz that is fun and can help you to define your style a bit.  Here is a link. Find My style Quiz
I hope you are enjoying our Style series.  I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas on what you would like to learn so share a comment.
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