Adventures of a Craftsperson

Adventures of a Craftsperson

Ever wanted to follow your dream or hobby into the craft world? Visions of open road and gypsy life come to mind when I thought about it. Well I guess that IS part of it!

The first thing we do is decide what to take. Since I can’t bring the whole shop, I choose what I think my customers will like. Once we have everything set up, the car has to be packed. My husband does that since my organizing skills to pack so it all fits in is questionable. Ah, we are ready to hit the road.

The alarm goes off at 5 am and I roll over and put the pillow back over my head and say “just 5 more minutes”. After about a minute , the destroyers come in. These are my 3 male cats who, having heard the alarm pounce on me, so before I am totally licked to death I get up.

On the road by 6 for the 5 hour drive.

At least one pit stop. Once there, the real work begins.

We build our “shop.”


hat takes another 4-5 hours.  It looks great!  We are ready!

For the next few days we smile a lot and help customers.  Seeing regulars and finding new fans. Seeing our craft friends.  Catching up with each other’s lives.  Fun and exhausting.  In between, I write this post.  After the show ends we have to break our “store” down. Putting everything back so it can be loaded into the car. Hopefully it all works.  Seems like when we first pack everything fits perfectly but it never seems to work going back.

All packed up and ready for the ride home………..until the next one.

Is that something that sounds fun?  Maybe you are ready….let me know, we have a canopy for you.

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