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An easy way to lower your stress during the Holidays

The holiday season can be a stressful time for everyone. We put so much pressure on ourselves, that I think we forget that the season should be about family, love and gratitude.

So, having to figure out what to pack
should not be another reason for stress.  If you are flying, it’s best to
pack light so you can carry on the plane. And even if you are traveling by
bus, train or car, lugging around heavy baggage is still cumbersome. In that
spirit, I have put together a guide that will help you pack the essential
pieces you need to create and style different looks.

Since we all have the dressy night…

I love our SP Essentials Collection because it always does double a triple duty.  It is sort of basic but layers into elegant and dressy option.


Your key pieces:

The Roxie


The other items I would pack for my trip would be the Jet Skirt.  It can be worn as a skirt as well as a dress under ther Roxie.  

Still have a little room?  Of course you do! With the Jet , the Roxie and maybe the tube.  I can see at least 3 outfits.

So, add the Taylor and the Pam.  Now you have at least 7 outfits.

To make it even easier there is the BLK Collection

One less thing to stress about.  Have fun and remember to breathe.

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