Customer interview series:  An interview with Linda White Dove - Steel Pony

Customer interview series: An interview with Linda White Dove

Linda White Dove is an amazing healer and I wanted to share her story.  This is part of my series Conversations with my Customers

Joanne   Hi guys. It's Joanne from Steel pony and, As you can see behind me, I am not at work. I was at work and then decided, Hey, this was really crappy out.  and I'd rather be sitting home with a glass of wine, talking to Linda and having a really nice conversation instead of watching the snow, which will not stop coming out.

It's really annoying. So, I hope everybody's having a good week. I hate the snow. Like I'm so ready for spring  and we have  a really cool guest today. her name is Linda White Dove and , she has a website.

It's , she is really cool.

She's a healer. .She's a Reiki master. She's an empath. She's got a master's in psych, I believe in psychology. and she was,  at 19, she was the youngest person to graduate from the Oasis center of human potential, a facilitator training program. That's  big. That's a lot of words for me.  She's got a really cool background and I said to her before we, we started that this is so good for me because I'm really wanting to get to know everybody and you all do such great things and we all need to share that.

So I'm going to bring her on. And I'm changing the banner and I'm adding her to my screen. And here she is.

Hi Linda.
 Linda  Hello, Joanne. Hey everyone.
Joanne  Welcome to Friday thieves. So I'm gonna , I'm going to just,  I'm gonna ask you some questions , and then I'm going to let you  say what you want to say.
because you have a lot of really cool things to talk about today and,  I do want to give people a couple more minutes to get on, but we do have people watching and,  I am gonna monitor the comments, so Hey, so if you're here, say hi, so I know, and who's here because it's through stream yard.
 so unless you've signed up, it might not come up with your name. 

So I met Linda. I don't know how many years ago it was, but, I used to, I was doing a show in the Massachusetts in  North Hampton.
And she came walking into my booth and she's been a good customer ever since. And then she says to me, I'm moving to Asheville I wanted you to, to give us a little bit of background about yourself and talk to us , a little bit about before you moved to Asheville, what you were doing and , about why you decided to go to Asheville and you know, that kind of stuff.

Linda  Sure. I'm originally from Chicago,, born and raised in the Chicago area lived there for awhile and till my thirties, , moved to Massachusetts where I lived for quite awhile and moved to Asheville about two years ago, March will be my two year anniversary. I've been working as teaching energy healing for about twenty-five years.

My work is all on the internet and I get to meet people from all over the world, which has been a lot of fun. I liked a lot of different things. I'm a lifetime learner. I'm always taking courses and workshops and things related to healing and spirituality. Right now I'm in a meditation program for accessing your super consciousness program, working with energies from the tree of life.
And I'm also in a shadow work program. So I'm always playing around with different things. I like to read science fiction .

Joanne I'm also a lifelong learner. Right? I think that that is really important thing to be because, you know, It keeps your brain going.
It keeps things interesting. So, I'm also always taking classes on different things. I wish I had more time to do more art classes. That's what I like. I took this amazing jewelry class and I had all these ideas and then I couldn't. I made a few pieces and then I didn't have time to make anything else.
You know, that's part of the problem with that kind of learning. So what made you make the move to Asheville?

 Linda  Oh, I was living in a small town and I wanted variety and I wanted to meet some new people and have new experiences. I've discovered that I liked. Just moving someplace, new, packing up my stuff, going someplace I've never been.  Everything's exciting. You meet all kinds of cool people. And I wouldn't be surprised if at some point I go someplace else, but I'm still here in Ashville and I don't feel like I've been here long enough to really get to see what's here. So I'm looking forward to that post Corona.

Joanne  Wow. That's so brave to just pick up and go. Yeah. I've, I've never been able to just do that.

Linda I would ever be someone who did it, but I'm realizing that I actually like it.

Joanne  That's really pretty cool. So talk to me a little bit about the programs that you offer.

Linda So, some people like to create with canvas and paint and some people like to create with fabric and color, you know, and fashion, and I'd like to play with subtle energy.
I mean, that's always been it's my hobby. I guess I'm a subtle energy geek. And I like finding ways to use it. And I enjoyed writing and teaching and helping people. So it just kind of combined things and life shows me what I need to play with and look at. And, you know, I get ideas on how to improve upon things that already exist or combined things, or make things that are kind of out there in a way that's practical and useful.
So that's what I do. I create training programs and courses.

Joanne  So , are the courses for regular people like me, or are they for people that to teach other people?

Linda  Both. Most of the people I work with already have knowledge of energy healing and have a certain amount of experience because I like to play with energy and I like to teach the things I'm exploring and I've been doing it for a long time.
So I'm not really teaching a lot of beginner material, although I'm looking into creating something like that. So I can reach. A different group of people. So most of them are healers who already have healing practices who like to teach other people or work with their clients and are looking for things that are outside the beaten path of what everyone else is doing.

Joanne  Oh, that's interesting. So , I'm a Reiki master also and also an empath and , but I've never, you know, I was reading how you said you were kind of skeptical about things in your early life. , and I can I totally get that because I feel that way, like I'll, I'll like inch my way into it and then say, Okay.
I'm not comfortable with that. So I go back again. So tell us a little bit about that.

Linda  Yeah. I mean,  I was in passing my whole life, not realizing it, you know, I didn't have anyone in my life to say, Oh, that's empathy, you know, or,  that's intuition or, you know, no one in my life was into any of those things.
I grew up with skeptical people who valued logic and facts. And as a kid, I left it. People like myself. So, you know, I get skepticism. It's kind of a funny irony. Uh, but that gift was in me all along. It's just, it took me meeting the right people and having the right circumstances to really understand more about what was happening.
And some of that was that a was, this program that you talked about, that you mentioned, it exposed me to a new group of people with new ideas and confidence in myself. And I think had I not met those people, I never would have been on this path. And I think life just brings me where I need to go. And sometimes I'm not aware.
Like I got into their training program. Cause I had a crush on a guy who recommended me for the program. I was 18, you know, I wanted him to like me. He recommended me to the program and I took it later, found out he was gay, but it  ended up being exactly what I needed, you know, and it totally changed my life and life just shows me the things that I need to do.

Joanne  that's really cool. So I make decisions based on aha moments. Do you do that?  Like when I first, my first studio, I just walked into and said, this is where I'm supposed to be and that's it.
And then I was there.

Linda  Yeah. Sometimes I have those experiences. Sometimes I'm not aware of it until later. Although these days I tend to be more aware of things like that. And sometimes I just see where things could be improved or done differently. You know, we're looked at from a different angle. I think we're a lot of healers tend to focus in on like detail of things.

Joanne   I don't know about everybody else here, but we would love to see something that for those of us that are not teachers to learn more about, you know, what you do and, and maybe to expand our horizons, because I know for me, I'm always exploring that.   I don't know if you saw my blog.  someone that I talk to every so often.  She is also an empath and she, she does readings and things.  and I find meeting different people that do that, make me wanna get back into it until I then get scared and walk away. But, that would be really cool. So I'm going to like veer off the path a little bit.

Joanne I would like to know how you would describe your personal Style
Linda Okay. Yeah. It' eclectic. You know, I have so many different parts of myself that I like to express. Sometimes I'll see the steel pony clothes.
There'll be something I never would have thought of, but it's just like, Hey, that's really cool. You know? So I'd like to try different things and be able to express different parts of myself. And I like colors. Like my body will choose the colors that feel good for me. I guess that's one of those healer empath things and open up my closet, and today my body wants purple and I have my steel pony purple shirts, you know, so colors, I like comfortable and things that don't require a lot of or work because I know I'll never wear it. You know? So I guess that's my personal style. 

Joanne You fit right in to our group. Right. And so is, is that how you found steel pony?  Did you find us at the paradise city show?

Linda  I was looking for clothes. I like  but fit me. And there was nothing. So, and then I just happened to come across your booth and you had all this cool stuff, some of which is in my closet now. And I was just really happy to find things that I liked and that were comfortable and it looked good on me.
And then I discovered you had a website, you know, and I love sharing more.  

Joanne   I've heard a lot about Asheville and people say, I would love it there, except it's not close enough to the water for me. But a lot of my friends. We'll be there in a minute if they could. Cause you know, it's like Potter's heaven. I understand.

 Linda, why did you join the Filly VIP club?

Linda  Well, I mean, the discount obviously appealed to me. And also because you might, you have altered a lot of my clothes over the years, you know, finding things that fit my sleeves or the fit of this or that, and I'm fussy. And you've helped them. So I wanted more of that cause I knew I would need it and want to take advantage of it.

Joanne if you got to talk to your younger self, what would you say to her?

Linda  That's a good one. Like it's you can tell I have Tourette's syndrome. And so like for a long time, I didn't want to be seen by anyone, but I guess I would tell her it's okay to just be who you are and to celebrate what you have to put out into the world and not be afraid and let other people respond.
However they are going to respond, but to have fun and put yourself out there.

Joanne  That's really awesome. I'm really happy that you came,  to talk to me today.  I appreciate that you let me put you out there because  you're like, my second interview. So I still consider you a Guinea pig, a lot of interviews. It's a new thing for me too.

Linda  So I'm happy to be your Guinea pig, and this is a nice, relaxed way to do it. And probably afterwards I'll go like, you know, breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Check out Linda's website

Are you a member of the Filly VIP Club?  Get more info HERE

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