Anatomy of an outfit that lasts.

Anatomy of an outfit that lasts.

Photo by patricia serna on Unsplash

FABRIC:  Always look for quality if you want your clothing to last.  This Outfit is made if Modal/Lycra.  Lenzing Modal® fabric is a super soft fiber made from beech trees. In clothing you often see it combined with cotton and spandex. It is considered a semi-synthetic because the raw material, cellulose, is a natural material which is then turned into fiber using an environmentally-friendly chemical Free.
DYES:  The "Industry"  uses dyes that are not Eco-Friendly and actually can harm you and the environment.  It gets into the water system and then we ingest it,  causing anything from Dermititis to Cancer.  If you want more info,  you can check out this article here That is why we use Fiber Reactive dyes.  They are color fast unlike natural dyes (which also is not as eco friendly as you might think), and safe for the consumer.
STITCH:  A lot of "Fast Fashion" Clothing is sewn with almost basting tyoe stitches.  It saves on thread cost and also makes it more throw away.  Know where your clothing is coming from.  There are many Designers moving to Slow fashion techniques besides Steel Pony.
Quality VS Quantity is our Mantra.
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Hi I am Joanne Litz Cofounder of Steel Pony.
I graduated in Textile Design from, the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. Worked in the "Industry" as a design director before starting Steel Pony. A company focused on slow sustainable fashion over 30 years ago
I love Creative Fashion, Art, and Energy Healing. My mission is to help women find their inner goddess and shine from the inside out.