Announcing our NEW partnership with Ucapture

Announcing our NEW partnership with Ucapture

In our lifetime we have seen firsthand what we are doing to the planet. I am so excited to have found Ucapture. They are in line with our Mission to try to do no harm to the planet but even better, they are doing something about it.

Part of trying to be sustainable is finding like minded companies that are doing the same thing. In my search, I came across Ucapture. So who are they and what do they do?

UCapture is a green-tech platform that funds carbon offset projects and combats climate change.

Their vision is that, eventually, all consumer transactions will have their related greenhouse gas emissions offset.

Nearly all consumer transactions lead to some greenhouse gas emissions – either in production, transportation, consumption or disposal.

Presently, these emissions are not dealt with by either the producer or consumer, meaning their cost (negative externality) is borne by society.

Sounds awesome right? So, how it works is that you join Ucapture thru a link that you will see below and every time you shop, together we will be offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. It will also be available thru your confirmation page when you order from us. I am hoping to have that up within the week.

Join the Ucapture family

You can read more about about it HERE

When you shop with the UCapture Extension installed on your computer our partners will pay us commissions.

We use those commissions to fund carbon offset projects which reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as:

  • Reforestation and forest preservation projects

  • Methane capture at landfills and abandoned coal mines

  • Solar and wind energy production projects

After each transaction, we tell you how many pounds of CO2 were offset and the specific project we funded.

What are you waiting for? Join NOW

Ok now go shopping.......................

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