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Another Christmas Past

Another Christmas Past

December 25, 2017

Today of course is Christmas Day.  Hopefully you are all snuggled up by the fire (if you live in the cold states) because let's face it.............NOTHING is open.  It is the one day of the year even the die hard retailers thankfully close.  So, after we open our presents and have our Coffee and maybe brunch what do we do?  In a country where we don't stop moving...it seems  sitting still is so hard for many of us.

So here you are, reading this post.  I have some ideas for you.  If you are local, why ot go to Dilworth Park.  There is an indoor skating rink.  If you have kids that is the perfect way to tire them out.  Want something a little less athletic? Longwood gardens has a spectacular display.  For more ideas click here


Not in Philly?  Well I am sure there are things to do in your town.  Share them with us because we are all looking for something to do. 

Have a Great Christmas.

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