Body Parts and Style

Body Parts and Style

Working our way down the body, let’s look at our hips this week.  Are your hips wide or straight?  Both types are beautiful but so often we want what we do not have.  With a little styling we can get closer to our desires.

If you have wide hips you have 2 choices - embrace them or style to minimize them.

Here are some style ideas to minimize:

  • Focus attention upward with slimmer fitting tops, cardigans and v-necklines or button front tops
  • Style with a statement necklace or detail on your top or dress
  • Wear layers to help to balance out your top and bottom such as A-line tops and dresses. A-line emphasis the top of your body and drape nicely over your hips.
  • Whether you are wearing pants, Skirts or Dresses, keep the bottom wider. It will visually balance your look. Our Pam Palazzo Pant is perfect for that.

Some suggestions are:

Tabitha Dress, Kimberly Jumper Dress and the Pam Palazzo Pant.

If you are the opposite and have straighter hips, then you want to dress to visually create more curves. Here are some style ideas for creating curves:

  • Wear high waistlines to define a waist giving the illusion of shapely hips
  • Skirts and dresses with peplum waists are perfect, giving you shapelier proportions
  • Find fullness in dresses or skirts with pleats or gathers from the waist
  • Try shaped jackets that flare out over the hips, making them look bigger
  • Look for clothes with hip and bottom detailed embellishment or pockets to create gentle curves
  • Wear tapered leg pants with draping at the hips

Style suggestions here are the Colette Pant, Diana Pant and the Catherine Dress, and my favorites the Kimberly tunic Dress.  The Kimberly Tunic Dress style works no matter what your hip size is.

I welcome any questions you might have and remember no matter what your size YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.


Next week….How does your personality effect your style?
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