Boho by Degrees

Boho by Degrees

As I sat in front of my computer planning on how I would show you how to wear Boho in all aspects of your life, I thought, what is Boho anyway.  A couple came into my shop and said this stuff is interesting, it is Modern Boho.  I just looked at them...Modern Boho?  So I thought I would start with the "definition"

Wikipedia says 

The Urban dictionary says

The best style In the world ever. 
funded by sienna miller 
and re-confirmed in greatness by ever other female celebs on the planet 
typical clothes include 
-cheese-cloth tops 
-hippie circle skirts 
-head scarfs 
anything with sequins and gems.

That was only 2 definitions but there were more and I had to laugh at some of them.  But what it told me is there are many ways it can be defined.

My definition is Boho is a lifestyle.  We like to look nice, we like flowy comfortable clothing that can be layered to give many looks.  We believe in doing what we can for the planet, we love music festivals, yoga festivals and all things creative.  Sometimes we like a simpler look but we always look put together and that includes wearing fun creative jewelry.  We are free spirited and believe life should be lived.  Having said all that I will try to give you my thoughts on the degrees of Boho Style.

Work Style Boho.  You want to be comfortable in what you wear to work and you have to look put together.  Sometimes dressing creatively is not  on the menu.

Office Outfit This outfit fits the bill  Emily is wearing the Jet Skirt as a dress with the Roxie Jacket and belted the suit with the Lea tube.  More conservative but comfortable and doesn't she look put together?

Plus it is made of Modal, which is made sustainably and the fabric is made in the USA.  Sewn locally and dyed in our Studio.








Now that works for the office and you can take those pieces separately and dress them down for more casual outfits.  Here are a few more ideas for weekend casual:

Kennedy knit tunic For the more Hardcore Boho girl these tunics are perfect.  The top tunic is called the Kennedy and it is flowy and hits the "Tie dye" and lace that is classic boho.  The Tunic under that is the Cameron and that has become a staple at Steel Pony.   It just layers perfectly under everything.

girl sitting in yoga clothes




 Perfect weekend clothing.  Go to your yoga class and then run to the market.  You are comfortable and look together.

She is wearing:

Steel Pony Headband

Dara Tank

Lisa Legging      


So, what to wear to Music Festivals, summer parties, dinner out or anything festive.  This is where I believe in really letting my Boho out!

All White Summer outfitTie Dye Boho outfitMesh tie dye tunicLayered linen set

These are truly what I love about Boho.  Color, vibe, freedom and beauty.  You can find these in our What's New Section.  If you do not see what you are seeking ask. 


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