Break Free From the “Beauty Standard”

Break Free From the “Beauty Standard”

There should be no such thing as a “beauty standard”, everyone is beautiful in their own way. There is no way to compare beauty or set a standard for women. However, in today’s society, it can be very hard to remember that. We look at people on social media, in movies, and all around us and wonder what “beauty” really looks like. According to a research by Dove, “only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.” That statistic is upsetting to hear, so we want to share some tips we found to make sure you start embracing your beauty and start feeling more confident.

Get Off of Social Media


Social media is addicting and can have a strong impact on your mental health. Photos of influencers and models can get into your head and make you think that they perfectly fit society’s “beauty standards” and that you have to look like them to be beautiful. This is not true. Social media has been linked to many mental health issues, especially in young women. Try to detox from social media every once in a while. Taking a little break from social media will help you live in the moment more and focus on what is important, which is yourself. Try tracking your time spent on social media and taking a look at how much of your day you are spending on your phone. Maybe for a week try to cut that time in half and see how you feel. It could be a game changer for your daily life and habits as well as your mental health.

Do Not Compare


No two people look identical, so why would we compare? Your main goal should be to be, look, and feel like the best you possible. When you’re looking at yourself and think you want to make changes, it’s important for you to stop and think, am I living a healthy life? Am I living a happy life? If your answer to both of these questions is yes, then why would you compare it to someone else? You do not look like anyone else, but that's the beauty of it. Take some time alone to focus on yourself and not the people around you. Having some alone time and time to reflect can help you get out of your head especially when you can not spot the comparison in your mind.


Embrace Your Beauty


Let your natural beauty shine through. A lot of women have so many things they want to change about themselves. However, you should lean into your differences. You may see your skin breaking out from your strenuous makeup routine, or your hair damaged from using heat styling products. Instead, embrace your natural hair and prioritize your skin health. Find a nighttime skincare routine that works for you to keep you feeling fresh and clear.  Do the same with your hair. Embrace your natural hair when it is full and healthy. If you find that your hair isn’t full, but rather thinning, one habit that might help you to improve it’s health is  taking a once-daily hair loss pill. Consult a medical professional to see if it would work for you. With healthy hair and clear skin, you will start to feel more confident and feel beautiful from the inside out.


Speak Kindly About Yourself


The voice inside your head is the voice you hear the most, so what it’s saying to you every day is important. If you are unsure of how to change your internal voice or your thoughts try these beauty affirmation journals to help prompt you. Affirmations can change your mindset which will help you feel more confident and calm as you go through your day.  Focus on the part of yourself that you love and try to grow more confident in the other areas that you might want to change. Confidence is gorgeous and the more you believe that you are beautiful, the more beauty you radiate to the people around you.


Everyone is beautiful in their own way and there should be no “beauty standard” that you feel like you have to live up to. If you are struggling to feel beautiful we hope some of our tips and tricks help you. Together let's try to get rid of the “beauty standard” and find our own beauty.



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