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Celebrate National Dress Day

Tomorrow is National Dress Day. We seem to have a holiday for everything these days.   I was curious how this day came about so I went googling.

dress outfit

It turns out, that it was invented by a Fashion Designer (no surprise) and although it might have been invented as a marketing opportunity for said designer, the idea is nice.  It is a day to cherish memories-empowering women to celebrate their femininity.

As Women, dressing up for many of us is a way to show our creativity and individuality.  I remember as a young girl wanting to wear that perfect dress.  There was Prom, Wedding etc but I know I wanted memories.  I remember my first special dress.  It was for my Bat Mitzvah.   It was a deep Cranberry.  I thought I looked stunning.  It was the first dress I picked out by myself for myself.

power suit

Forget the Power Suit!  The power of the dress.  It is the abitlity to make you feel powerful, feminine, beautiful and special.

Do you have a dress story to share with us?  We would love to here it.

bqaqd ass dressdate night

 Dresses aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will.

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