Department Store Day...Should we be celebrating?

Department Store Day...Should we be celebrating?

Today is October 16th and that means it is Department Store Day.  I have to admit that I had never heard of it so I decided I would do some research.  Here is what I found at

In existence since the early 19th century, department stores provided safe, clean environments for the new middle class to shop. They often offered many firsts, combining services with revolutionary style and convenience. Many department stores had lunch counters where shoppers could take a break for a drink, snack or lunch.  Through an era when merchandising and sales could be described an artform, the brick and mortar stores were often magnificent pieces of architecture. With large clocks, brass and statuary, the customer’s satisfaction was key.  Some departments fill entire floors, making grand escalators, elevators and plush seating a must.

What else has Department Stores brought us?  A culture of discounting so that no one I know will shop in a department store unless it is on sale and the downfall of Main street shopping which contributed to the economy through independent small businesses.

Do we really want Department Stores that suck on the economy and don't really give enough back?  A well-developed Main Street gives us convenience, uniqueness and lunch.  Give me your thoughts.

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