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Dinner en Blanc Experience

I remember the first time I saw all these people in white streaming into an open field and then sitting down and having dinner.  It was on the news probably 5 years ago and I said I want to do that!

Five years later, I finally had the chance.  It took me a while to figure out I could get on a wait list and then realize that I would never get off a list that had 21K people on it so I lucked out.

They said be in front of your computer on this day at  10 am to book your ticket.  The tickets sell out within the first hour so don't miss it!  Ok Ok I could do that.  What I did not realize was that it was a timed registration so panic set in as I scrambled to get it all set up but I did.  

I will not boor you with all the details of what we needed to do to get ready because I know I would be wanting to hear the details of the event by now in my story.  So here goes.

dinner en blanc

They give you a place where you meet your table and wait patently to walk or get bused to the location which is a secret.  Lucky for us, we were close so we walked.  The place? Boathouse Row.  For those of you who do not know the area it is on the river near the Art Museum where the rowing teams have boathouses.  Some of you might know that there are rowing events in those waters. 

It was a hot and steamy about night with the threat of rain but that did not dampen anyones spirits.  We finally got to set up our tables about 7:30 to eat.  If you are not familiar, you have to bring everything...tables, chairs, coverings all in white and your dinner as well.  It was worth the wait.

The creativity in dressing was inspiring.  It was so nice to see people dressed up.  There were some who came in costume.  Game of throwns anyone?

Dinner en blanc

Here are some more images

dinner en blanc dinner en blancDinner en blanc

And a video


 The music was great, we met people from all over...will I do it again next year? Hell YES!  I can not wait .  Do you ave a Dinner en Blanc story?  Tell us.

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