Do you do anything special for the Fall Equionox?

Do you do anything special for the Fall Equionox?

We just went thru the Fall Equionox which is the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator—an imaginary line in the sky above Earth’s equator—from north to south. This happens on September 22, 23, or 24 in most years.

It is a great time to take a step back and do some Meditating and thinking about you, your family, your work and even the universe. The Fall equionox also has astrological significance.  It is the beginning of Libra season, ushering harmony, balance, justice and relationships.  

Here are some things to think about doing during this time.


  • Start a gratitude Journal 

Sitting down and thinking about what you are grateful for is a good way to think thru things.  It will bring you joy and a sense of peace.


  • Take a day to declutter

It always feels like an accomplishment when I set my mind to cleaning out my drawers or reoganizing my closet.  You can make it a ritual for each Equionax and solstice.


  • Find a new craft you always wanted to try.

The equionox is the beginning of something new.  So take that class, get your studio set up, start that painting project.


  • pour yourself a cup of coffee, or glass of wine and curl up with a good book, take a bubble bath.  Anything that helps you decompress,

I love this one because it takes so little effort to be good to yourself.


  • Go and do some apple picking with friends and family.  That is always a good vibes activity.

Now it is your turn....Give us some ideas or what do you do?

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