Do you know the Cost of your Clothing?

Do you know the Cost of your Clothing?

What do you consider when you pick up that shirt?  Is it the price? Quality? Where it was made?  Maybe all of that but have you ever picked up a shirt and said, I will wear this shirt 10 times so if it cost me $20 can I get 10 wears out of it?  Which would mean it cost me $2.00 every time you wear it?  Probably not but maybe it is something to consider.

I did this fun video a while ago but I think it explains it.


Price isn't everything-and that goes for your wardrobe too.  Wearability is more important then price.  I have so many customers that are still wearing things they purchased from Steel Pony 20 plus years ago.  

When we talk about value, we talk about value based on price so if you are able to wear the piece you are yearning for just do a little math in your head.  Figure out how often you can wear it then divide that by the price.  It will give you the cost per wear and you can decide for yourself if it is something you can't live without.

Then tell us what you found.

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I’m one of those customers happy to still be wearing clothes from Steel Pony from last year and from 20+ years ago

Miriam Rosen

I still have every Steel Pony piece I have ever bought. Still wear them all too. Been a fan of yours for years.

stephanie harper

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