Fast Fashion...Is it Dead?

Fast Fashion...Is it Dead?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Fast Fashion is a phenomenon that was started by the likes of companies like H&M and Zara.  The goal was to give consumers now trends as they were happening at a really cheap price.  Basically, disposable clothing.  The results were filling up the landfills at an alarming pace, not to mention exploiting the workforce in countries that could not afford to say no. 

Even before we had Covid 19, many of us in the sustainable world were pushing for change and doing things differently showing by example. Trying to educate consumers what it was doing to the planet.  These companies have jumped on the bandwagon of the trend to sustainability and are now moving in new directions only because it has become popular to be sustainable.  

As bad as this pandemic is, it has made people stop to think about life, the planet and their role in it.  If you are a current customer of mine you have already been practicing sustainability.    Current thought in the industry is now this will become more mainstream and consumers will want to buy from Companies like ours who make things locally and sell direct to consumer.  We shall see.

My biggest hope is to see the destruction of Fast Fashion and those companies who pretend to have turned over a new leaf.  We have the power to change things.  Next time you want to go online to one of those retailers, I challenge you to find a small company alternative like Steel Pony.

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you think this is the end of Fast Fashion?  What good things have come out of this Pandemic.  Join our conversation. 

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