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Fix your Wardrobe with these tips

“I have a full closet but nothing to wear”!  I hear that so often. There are usually two reasons for this.

1.  You have too much stuff!  You continue to collect new things but tend not to purge anything.  By purge I do not necessarily mean throw in the landfill.

2.  You lack a solid plan.  Hopefully, today we can dig in and help with that.

Your closet should be a current reflection of who you are today.  Are you holding onto things you might love but haven’t worn in years?  Ok, so if you love them so much why haven’t you worn them!  It is time to declutter.  Pull all of those items out of you closet!

Now, let’ts put the items you pulled out into different piles.

Pile 1-I will never wear it again, I have not worn it in two years.

Pile 2- I love these but I will never wear them again-Can these be gifted or handed down?  Pull the ones you said yes to and start Pile 3.

Now, take pile 1 and 2 and give them to a local thrift shop.  Others will get use out of those.

Pile 3?  Find a storage closet and put those items in there until you find the right people to gift them to.


  1. Start a pinterest board.  Call it (your Name) Style board.
  2. Start looking for styles you like using key words like Casual tops or Boho clothing if that is your vibe.
  3. Pin 30-50 Outfits
  4. Look at what you pinned.  What do they have in common? Are many of them Tie Dyed?  Did you mainly pick pants over skirts?   Is there a color that sticks out?

Once done, take a look in your closet to see what is missing from it.  Figure out what you need to make your closet closer to your board.   Go shopping to fill the holes.  Make this a regular habit maybe quarterly.  It will keep your look fresh.  Your friends will notice that you look totally put together always.

Do your pins show a certain brand?  Maybe Steel Pony? :)

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