Gearing Up To Cycle Like A Pro

Gearing Up To Cycle Like A Pro

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In 2016, there were reportedly 66.5 million cyclists and bikers on U.S. roads. As the number of dedicated cyclists grows, the fabrics and accessories professionals wear have been in high demand. From making sure your outerwear is not wind resistant to knowing what to look for in a helmet, what you wear is important. By knowing what to wear and where to invest your resources, you can look and feel like a bike pro.

It’s all in the fabric

Riding a bike like a professional is an extremely rigorous exercise. Wearing athletic and comfortable clothing such as tights and tank tops are great first steps towards being comfortable and free to perform to the best of your abilities. Professional bikers are often looking for material that is aerodynamic and breathable. Oversized jerseys or sweatshirts can offer wind resistance and slow a biker down. While this might have been a norm in the past, tight jerseys have taken over professional cycling and have been providing aerodynamic performance as well as comfort. Resembling a skinsuit, contemporary cycling tops are made from breathable and stretchable fabrics that play to the strengths of cyclists. One fabric you should stay away from as a rider is cotton. Whenever cotton gets wet, it has the habit of staying that way. WIth none of the benefits of wools or synthetics, cotton makes it very hard to cycle for long periods of time comfortably.

Don’t hold out on accessories

To become the best cyclist you can be, you must practice and perfect your craft. Electric bikes, gym bikes, and virtual training methods can all fine-tune your pedal cadence and consistency. But to hit the road with professional cyclists, you’ll need more than ability to keep up. A cyclist's helmet is one of the first seen and most recognizable accessories in the uniform. By being the safety net and signature of cyclists, helmet shopping is one of the most important parts of looking like a pro. Your helmet will always be on and is your only real piece of safety gear, so make sure you invest in something a professional would wear. Certain accessories like heart rate monitors, small waist bags, and water bottle cages can be worn with taste to enhance your look and performance. Again, make sure not to bulk up too much as speed is the key.

Dedicate the time to cycle like a pro

In order to master any activity, one must dedicate hours upon hours to the craft. But it is important to look the part in order to truly become as close to a professional cyclist as you can. Learning to avoid certain fabrics can help keep you comfortable and dry, while wearing tight aerodynamic jerseys can have you looking and riding like a pro. With the proper investment for your helmet and careful selection of accessories to match, you’ll be the talk of your cycling circle.

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