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Gift Guide: Gift Ideas to Celebrate Mom (And Mother Earth!) on Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the special women in your life, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could also celebrate Mother Earth in the process too? This Mother’s Day, why not treat your mother to something special while also remembering Mother Earth? There are many eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas that fit the bill — and it doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult.

If you are not sure where to begin, I put together a gift guide to get you started. I thought I would highlight a few here but here is a link to the Guide. GO TO THE GUIDE

These gifts are not only sweet and thoughtful, but are also kind to our planet. Who can ask for a better gift than that?

1.Bath Salts

Soak and Relax! 

These Salt Crystals hydrate and detoxify. 

They stimulate circulation and sooth sore muscles.

One piece lasts for several soaks. This can be found in the GIFT GUIDE

2. Meditation Stones

Crystals and Gem stones have been used as a source of focus during meditation for centuries.

Each stone is believed to possess a unique energy which can assist you in your meditative practice and goals. 

Each box comes with 6 stones with different properties and a pouch to hold them.

Perfect for anyone into the practice of Meditation. Check them out HERE

3. Recycled Bracelets

Georgene Novack is a new Jewelry Designer I am carrying in the shop. Her work is unique, recycled and reasonably priced. I have these bracelets made of found things put together in the most creative way. They are all a little different but similar. See them in the GUIDE

4. Healing Crystal Necklace

One of my favorite things are Crystals. We use raw healing crystals and wrap them in silver. Each one is unique and comes with a 30" chain. It is packaged in an Organza Bag with a card about the stone.

Look at the options HERE.

5. Beautiful Silk Scarves

You can not go wrong with one of these. They are made of 100%silk and are hand dyed as you see them.  She will feel so special getting a One of a Kind piece. Not to mention that it is silk. Measuring 11 X 60 . Perfect for her.

There is so much more so go to the Guide and Enjoy.

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