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Gratitude...It's good for your Health

Photo by Jessica Castro on Unsplash

We always seem to talk a lot about Gratitude  around Thanksgiving.  Is your family one of those families that goes around the table saying what you are thankful for? Everyone enjoys that but then we never talk about it after that.

Photo by Jessica Castro on Unsplash

Lately, I have been hearing a lot about the Science of Gratitude.  Is it possible that when we write down or speak what we are grateful for on a regular basis we will not only feel happier but we will also be healthier? There are at least 26 studies to tell us that this is the case.

So, what does it do for us?  Well, first we feel happier and when we are happier it rubs off on the world around us.  We are more successful emotionally and financially.   Gratitude can help the give you a stronger immune system and help you with loneliness.

There are many Happiness Projects out there.  They can give you a lot of more specific information. The Greater Good Science Center is one of those places to learn more.

Science of Happiness

Do I believe?  You bet!  I have seen the results myself.  I try to practice as much as possible but after spending time reading about the subject, I and will try harder.

Today I am Grateful for my customers who support me in my art, My husband who stands with me even when I am not always the best judge of character and my friends  and family that support me truly and with no judgement.

What are you Grateful for?  Comment below.

With Gratitude



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