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Has Sustainability become a Dirty Word?

Having my own blog allows me to talk about things that are passionate for me.  So when I came across the BOF, I was excited that they were having conversations about sustainability.  

Here in Philadelphia with the Fashion Task Force we are having similar conversations.  The task forces mission is to support Designers and Boutiques in Philadelphia and focus on helping us to become a more sustainable city with regards to Fashion.  If you have not checked out SupportPhillyFashion yet, I encourage you to check it out.  We are just getting started but we have a wonderful group of leaders and together I think Philadelphia will become pretty exciting in the future.

But I digress.  There is a lot of conversation about the word Sustainability.  Are too many using that word?  Are they really sustainable?  It reminds me when Eco friendly was the buzz word.  Just as controversial.  Did that mean only people who used Organic?  Was it only about natural fibers?  In a previous blog I talked about each "sustainable" solution and questioned how each one effected the environment.

The biggest take away from the BOF webinar for me was that while we need standardization as to what sustainability might mean, the real task is to make progress in a Judgement free way.  Products ALWAYS have some sort of impact and footprint.  Nothing is 100% sustainable.  Circular fashion is the new buzzword.  Is that really achievable?  As a consumer how much do you care? 

Again, for me this is personal  and I think that is the answer.  We all have to find our own definition of what is sustainable for ourselves.  How do we do that?  Decide what  you think you can do to help or do less harm to the environment.  You can support the companies that are making forward movement to do better. 

For me that means trying to keep my footprint as small as possible, using fabrics like Modal that have a closed loop manufacturing process, design things that not only last but people want to pass on. Produce SLOW FASHION.

Join the conversation and give me your comments.  I can't wait to hear what your thoughts are.


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