Host a Party like a Pro

Host a Party like a Pro

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This year, Americans spent $15.3 billion dollars on their Super Bowl parties alone. So, with all that money spent, and time and energy put into party planning, there's nothing worse than going to what you think is going to be an awesome party at a friend's house, only to find yourself bored, sitting in a corner. You're stuck wearing your new white dress with no one to see, your hands are covered in potato chip crumbs, and you've got no one to talk to - spelling a sure fire disaster. We've all been there.

Well, that's not something you're going to let happen at your own party, because the days of boring music and pre-cut flavorless veggies are over. Here are some easy ways you can up your party game to impress all of your friends.

Do Some Party Prep

Before hosting any party, make sure to consider what your theme is and what your guests like to do. Get yourself excited by picking out the perfect outfit for the occasion. Then, to set the mood for your party, select music that will be universally liked across all the age groups attending your event -- you don't want to alienate anyone by choosing a playlist that might be offensive or boring to some. Finally, once you've created your desired ambiance, plan some fun age-appropriate games that will get everyone involved and interacting with each other.

Choose the Right Knife for the Job

This one is essential. Any respectable adult should have a professional set of knives. Not only do you look like a superstar while wielding your chef's knife in the kitchen, using the right knife actually makes a difference in your cooking. Knowing to use a serrated knife on your tomatoes will not only make your life easier, but it will also prevent you from walking out to the party covered in band-aids, because that's really not the conversation starter you want at your event.

Don't Ignore the Health Conscious

When you have a friend who makes a habit of going to yoga every day and who takes particular pride in eating right, and then you suddenly force them to choose between chicken wings and pizza, you can put a huge damper on your guest's mood, and, in turn, the whole party. Instead, get creative with the healthy choices. There's a lot more out there than celery sticks and hummus (not that those aren't delicious too). Your health and non-health conscious friends alike will be sure to appreciate some variety on the snack table.

Make a Killer Cocktail

Most likely, your guests will not be expecting you to have anything more than generic beer and maybe some wine at your party. Surprise everyone with a Surprise everyone with a specialty drink of your choosing. There are tons of simple and exciting options for you to impress with. Also, if you've got some kids or non-drinking adults coming, a fun way to keep everyone involved is to make a virgin batch of your specialty drink as well. That way, no one has to miss out.

With these tips in mind, your party should be off to the races. Your only worry now will be figuring out how to get people to go home at the end of the night.

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