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How I created my first product

How I created my first product

July 20, 2020

When I first started my business, there was no internet to speak of.  So, I did not have google to do research on how to develop my first product.  In fact, I don't think I really spent that much time agonizing over it.

My background was Fashion but at the time I did not even consider starting my own label.  It was my dream but since my experience was working overseas I did not know how to really get that going.  Enter Dennis Wolk.  When I met Dennis, I was doing private label programs for companies like American Eagle Outfitters.  Dennis, an artist in his own right was looking for a way to make money at his art.  Since his art was 2D, my only thought was t-shirts.  I figured that was something maybe I could tackle locally.

So, we did no research but we did know someone who sold "art" t-shirts and figured this could be our big idea.  Because of the complexity of our paintings (yes we both created paintings), the only way we could reproduce them was to do 4 color separation screen prints.  Talk about crazy.....The cost of the screens was high and then we had to print a lot of shirts but we really did not think to hard about it.  We just forged ahead.  Since I did not know how to do anything in a small way, we printed catalogs, made sample packs and sent them to sales reps across the country.  We thought we were set.

The picture above shows our first t-shirt designs.  Things don't always turn out the way you expect or want but it started us on the path that we are on today.  I still believe in following my passion.  It may not be a foolproof way to launch a product that is profitable but it is really all about the journey right?

I would love to hear your Journey,

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