How to build a wardrobe that makes you feel confident

How to build a wardrobe that makes you feel confident

As women, we often find ourselves feeling self-conscious or unsure of ourselves as we age. It can be hard to feel confident when our body is changing and we're bombarded with images in the media that seem to convey only one type of beauty. But it's important to remember that we are all beautiful in our own unique way, and it's up to us to create a wardrobe that makes us feel comfortable and confident in our own skin. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

1. Start by building a foundation of basics

To create a solid foundation of key pieces for your wardrobe, aim for one piece per item category in an even distribution of your main colours, plus one day bag. Make those 5 - 9 items count and try to find pieces that represent your style perfectly, suit your body shape 100% and are durable and well-constructed

2. Add key pieces that make you feel confident and stylish

When putting together your wardrobe, start on top to find pieces that express your unique personality, all while giving you the versatility to mix and match with ease. Make sure the pieces are multi season and not "trendy".   We do a collection called SP Essentials that does just that.  We may offer different colors each season but the bodies are perfect creative basics.

3. Experiment with different styles and colors

This is where you want to have some fun.  Adding accent pieces that can go back to the basics already in your closet.  Clothing is a great way to show off your personality so if it makes you happy add it to your closet.

4. Don't be afraid to mix and match different pieces

One of the ways I learned how to mix and match was to spend time in my closet trying dofferent outfits on in front of a mirror.  I believe in using your gut to decide if it works together.  If you need someone to help find a good stylist.  I do not believe in using your friends as a sounding board.  They tend to have their own prejudices and preconcieved ideas.  Someone who is objective is better.

5. Accessorize to complete your look

Sometimes the perfect scarf just finishes off that outfit.  Here is a really good place to play with trends.  It is not as big an investment and you can really show your personality here.

6. Take care of your clothes so they last longer

This might be the most important suggestion.  Buy quality and take care of it.  There is usually care instructions in the garments but if not, call the store you purchased the piece to get help.

You’ve got the basics down. You know your way around a wardrobe, you have some key pieces that make you feel confident and stylish on hand for those days when it just feels better to dress up, but now what? Experiment with different styles and colors! Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match different pieces or try new looks entirely. Accessorize to complete your look so you don't forget anything important. Remember, clothes are meant to last if they're cared for properly - take care of them by following these tips so they'll stay in good condition longer

. Shop our basics here SP Essentials.

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