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How to Get Stylish and Classy Piercing Jewelry without any Stress: A Collective List

How to Get Stylish and Classy Piercing Jewelry without any Stress: A Collective List

June 01, 2020

Guest Post by Kiran R

Piercing jewelry is self-expression and fashion. The trend has gained huge momentum in recent times, especially among young adults and teenagers. Different organic materials, along with glass, metal, and plastic, are used for making this kind of jewelry.


Before committing to classy and stylish piercing jewelry, there are many things you need to work on to make the whole procedure a smooth and comfortable one. 


So, here’s your guide to getting classy and stylish piercing jewelry without stress.

Pick Your Piercing Jewelry Material Carefully

Choosing the right material is an important concern. You will find your friend saying, “I am fond of 18K and 14K nickel-free gold.” But that does not mean the same metal will suit your requirements. No, do not make this blunder. Choose the color or the material that will best go with your skin tone and the one that will flatter your personality.


Expert stylists are adept at choosing materials and tones that best work towards making style statements or the ones that blend with your skin complexion. It is best to go for hypoallergenic materials that are medical grade and nickel-free for minimizing reactions and speeding the healing time. Apart from gold, sterling silver, surgical steel, niobium, and titanium can be a great choice for piercing jewelry.

Do Your Homework

It always works to have a clear idea of the piercing jewelry that will work for you. You can use social media to find the best options. There’s Instagram with several inspirational pictures with interesting jewelry options and placements. So, before scheduling an appointment, grab an idea of the type of jewelry you love. 


But, at the same time, you also need to be flexible with your choice. This is important because sometimes, you might not find dimensions that suit your perfect piercing. The jewelry you choose should make you feel comfortable.

Think Ahead

Piercing jewelry can be highly addictive. This is because of the fantastic collection that you can find across the different stores. The body part you are looking to pierce should be duly curated for the jewelry. The jewelry you choose must be encrusted in such a way that it perfectly fits your anatomy and matches your special aesthetics. The jewelry should also look deliberate, and it must also tell a story. It should not delay the healing procedure by taxing the body excessively.

Avoid Sporadic Placements 

Many individuals are of the view that piercings are a cause and effect, but the catch is that they are dynamic. Everything lies in the way you decorate your piercing. Irregular or intermittent placements might not work for you if you are fond of the traditional pieces. Also, sporadic placements of jewelry generally do not suit the majority of the individuals. Therefore, they are best avoided.

Summing Up

Getting any part of the body pierced will not prove to be a bold and beautiful statement until you get classy and stylish piercing jewelry for the same. This trend is easily achievable only if you pay a bit of attention. Follow the tips stated above and you will get the jewelry you want and that too without any stress.


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